• 1. Is there a minimum order quantity?

No, you can start order from 1 pcs!

  • 2. Can I place order via LINE ?

Yes, you can contact our sales representative via our HOTLINE 012 55 44 89

  • 3. Do I have to pay for layout design?

No, we provide design service free of charge

  • 4. Can I order and deliver to another place other than my address?

Yes, you can simply specify your delivery address while making order online or give our sales representative delivery information

  • 5. What if during shipping, there are damages to the products I ordered?

If you notice any damage to the items you’ve purchased, kindly contact our sales representative immediately for solutions

  • 6. What if I really want some items that are out of stock?

We will try our best to well plan our stock but sometimes the demand is too big and we run out of stock for certain items. But rest assured that we have 100+ choices for you to choose from and our sales representative can help you to find alternatives.

  • 7. Can I cancel my order?

We are very sad that you have to cancel your order but if you really want to, you must send an official email or document to us to cancel the order. Cancellation shall not proceed after confirming the designs.

  • 8. Can I order and have delivery immediately?

We have stock up some items at our store. Therefore. if you urgently need your items to be delivered, we encourage you to visit our store, pick up and pay at the store for a faster process.

Milano Cambodia team are looking forward to serving you our valuable customer

Call: 012554489
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